It is a war.

I will spread my wings and I will soar.

Sick and tired of my real life,

for it sinks heavy into my back like a knife.

I’m ready for a new.

I’m ready for a freedom stew.

I want to be lost in a trap.

I want to get this real shit of my back.

I want to get away.

And for some strange reason, I don’t know why, but I want to go to LA.

I want to live in a fantasy world.

I want to find the most beautiful girl.

Free and strong, this real shit ways like a ton.

Somebody please shoot it off my back with his here gun.

All you need to do is believe.

Believe, then you will see.

My truth.

That my problem is like Abraham Lincoln and I need to shoot it up like Booth.

It is a war.

I am fighting.

Fighting because I want to.

Fighting because I love you.

Red, White, and Blue.

This is something truly new.

But I ain’t no Fortunate Son.

I’m still number one.

I want you to know.

Know that I will never let you go.

Know that I will never let you win.

This is my sin.

The sin against me.

I here the waves crashing in the sea.

They’re crying out, “Please save me!”

But no thanks,

I’m no Hanks.

You can quit your cryin,

cause I’m not going to save your sorry ass like Private Ryan.

It is a war.

This real shit is making me sink.

Brain cells are dead, I can’t even think.

Somebody, please help me breathe.

Somebody please plant my seed.

Now I’m behind the enemy line.

I’m like the boy who cried wolf, but I was telling the truth the first time.

The truth was mine.

But no one bothered to pay any attention.

So I made my Ascension.

Five steps from Heaven.

And after the fourth time, the people are holding up this sign.

And the sign says, “DEAD END.”

But I don’t buy into it, just like a Southern Baptist doesn’t buy into Buddhist Zen.

Is the truth killing the haters?


I confess.

Put on your red dress.

Cause we’re going to buy a shotgun.

Shoot it up as they run.

Shoot this off like a ton.

Because I’m sick and tired of this real life.

Because it sinks heavy into my fuckin’ back like a knife.

I just what to be heard,

but what I say is not preferred.

I want people to listen to me.

I want the waves of the sea to keep calling me.

Because they are what I dream of.

And I will rescue them like I rescue the ladies of the nightclub.

And I will wish upon them like I wish upon the stars above.

You see, you all will believe.

One day revenge and the truth will be mine.

For I am just like the boy who cried wolf, but I was telling the truth the first time.

It is my war.

Photographed and styled by Gino Perfecto

Hair by William Soriano

Makeup by Caitlyn Luhmann

Model - Erny Garcia

Words by Gino Perfecto

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